About Us

MANF is an abbreviation for Manifold which consists of multiple intakes that directs a mixture to be ignited, then gathered and dispersed together though a single outlet.

MANF [man-ef] is an online motorsports retailer of soft goods built for fans by fans. We’re committed to the sole purpose of creating new opportunities for the brands, builders, suppliers, staff and our community. Through dedication and hard work, we strive to partner with well-known brands as well as new up-and-coming brands to offer a wide range of killer products and exceptional service. Our desire is to see the brands expand into well-known apparel options in men’s clothing and bring revenue into the industry.

With decades of operations and supply chain experience along with years of corporate management, MANF is setting internal standards and sights high but starting out small by putting in the time to create a solid foundation built on honesty, trust and passion. It is our vision is to see all involved from our brands and suppliers to our community and staff, grow and advance personally and in business.


We at Manifold & Company would like to extend our most heartfelt thank you and invitation to join the MANF family where brands and fans come together to support our passion.